Helios Cricket Cricket Helios: PET Canister

Shine Cricket Helios

The introduction of tape ball cricket was started in Pakistan in the 1960s. Around that time, proper cricket equipments were considered luxury items. Therefore, they introduced tennis ball wrapped in electrical tape which is called tape ball cricket. Many children and young people play this tape ball cricket at their backyards or open fields/roadsides.

SHINE Cricket Helios is another model of tape ball from SHINE (www.ShineTennis.com). We produced the balls at our new production facility in Thailand and exported to Pakistan for the first time on March 2019.  We appointed a new agent in Rahim Yar Khan – Pakistan, Super Sports for our products distribution and local tournament sponsorship arrangement.

SHINE Cricket Helios is a high performer balls with high durability, unbreakable and high rebound level. It is meticulously constructed with Taiwan-made needled felt and Thailand premium rubber core quality. Thus, most recreational and professional players choose SHINE Cricket Helios as their first choice for their tape ball game.

Cricket Helios: Shine Logo embossed on the over cap of the tube

Shine Logo

This is SHINE logo which is used for Cricket Helios and Cricket Shine balls. It is uniquely created with a slanted S character followed with the dots which represent cricket balls.

The logo is embossed on the over cap of the tube packaging.  So it will be easier for the customers to recognize our product identity.

Cricket Helios: Double Logo on Tennis Balls

Double Logo

All SHINE Cricket Balls always use double logo on the ball.  The first logo is the model name of SHINE cricket ball and the second logo is SHINE logo.

Cricket Helios: Signature PET Canister

Signature PET Can

HERIAWAN puts his signature on the PET CAN with the purpose of avoiding any chances for fake products by irresponsible people. Since many people recognize him as the owner of SHINE balls, therefore it will be easier for consumers to recognize his brands.

Cricket Helios: Signature Carton Box

Signature Carton

The same signature is also shown on the carton packaging. It is to ensure customers the identity and originality of Cricket Helios products.

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Cricket Helios’ Merchandise

Cricket Helios Long Sleeve T-shirts (Navy Blue)

Cricket Helios Long Sleeve T-shirts (Navy)

Made in Singapore with premium quality polyester fabric.

Cricket Helios Long Sleeve T-shirts (White)

Cricket Helios Long Sleeve T-shirts (White)

Made in Singapore with premium quality polyester fabric.

Cricket Helios PVC Tape

High-Performance PVC Cricket Tape

10 Yards x 18mm

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